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Actress based in London.



21 - 35



Eastern European, Slavic, Hispanic, Mediterranean



English (fluent), Slovenian (native),  Serbo-Croatian (native)





•Method acting (Sam Rumbelow): Voice and movement



•Acting coach Snjezana Martinovic (Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo): Private classes


2014 (4year)

•Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana: Journalism



•Actor studio/Igralski studio bratov Vajevec: Acting workshop



•New York Film Academy: Acting for film




Height: 5'10" (177cm)

Bust: 34

Waist: 24

Hips: 35

Size: 6-8

Shoe: 6


- Sports (basketball, swimming, running, gym,       cycling, volleyball, ice skating, rollerblading,     skiing)

- Dancing (Belly Dance, Kizomba, Salsa, Zumba)

- Combat (David Doersch - Marvel Universe Live)

- Gymnastics

- Hula Hooping

- Horse-riding

- Singing

- Car Driving Licence

- Improvisation

- Voiceover

- Model

- TV Presenter

- Journalist

- Screenwriter

Stefania Orion, born on July 20th, 1988 in Ljubljana, is a Slovenian actress. She grew up in a small town of Skofja Loka in a big working-class family with two brothers and one sister. In the time of former Yugoslavia, her parents emigrated to Slovenia from Bosnia and Herzegovina and that makes her a fluent speaker of Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian language, now fluent in English too.

As a child, Stefania was a very passionate and successful gymnast and most of her childhood was defined by lots of hard work and discipline. From an early age, she was in the limelight, hosting school events, attending acting classes and always loved to perform, but on the other hand, she was very obstinate, stubborn and often hard to understand. At school, she was always exemplary, independent and creative. After she graduated from high school, at the age of 20, she decided to go to New York to pursue her acting career. In 2009 she started to study acting at New York Film Academy, but that lasted only for a short time since her parents hadn’t been able to support her financially, so she had to return home. In desperation, she then enrolled to study journalism in Ljubljana and in four years successfully graduated. During her studies, she already worked as a TV journalist and immediately after the graduation she started hosting a TV show called Future Bride (Bodoca nevesta), for which she wrote the screenplay and produced it.

Her modelling career was present at all times. She started when she was 18 and participated in many fashion shows worldwide. Therefore, Stefania describes that modelling has never been a priority because she never liked the way she was treated like a model. Even though modelling for Stefania was just a way to make living, she still had a successful career and was considered as a top model in her home country as well as in other European markets (mostly in Milan, Italy where she had the opportunity to work with biggest fashion houses as Missoni, Versace, Cavalli, Harry Winston, Mila Schon, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Grati, Alberto Dominguez, Ermanno Scervino, etc.). The path took her even to Shanghai, China where she lived and worked as a model for a short time.

In early 2017 she moved to London to give herself another chance on chasing her dreams and started a new life. Stefania has appeared as an actress in a few short movies and commercials and has just finished filming one feature film (waiting to be released). She also wrote a screenplay for a feature film called Anastasia the Chosen One. 

Since Stefania has always been fascinated by the stars and the Universe, she adopted the surname Orion (born Bojić), which in a way expresses her emotion of not belonging to any place or anyone at all.

She is curious and creative, loves travelling and learning about new things with a particular interest for art, astronomy/cosmology, anthropology, Hinduism and spirituality. She also enjoys dancing, horse riding and hiking.